2014 EMA Students Embracing a Brand New Life at SE
      On Sept. 5th, 2014, the 34 newly enrolled foreign postgraduate students were warmly welcomed by the School of Economics (SE). They come from various parts of the world, joining SE’s EMA program (English taught Master of Arts), to start their study here in Shanghai.
The orientation session for EMA students, which was held on Sept. 10th, gave the fresh postgraduates a brief overview of what to expect in the following two years.
      In Room 201 of the SE Building, Prof. Yin Xiangshuo, Associate Dean of SE’s Foreign Affairs, and Prof. Lu Hanyin, Director of SE’s International Programs Office, showed up at the orientation. In their welcome speeches, Prof. Yin spoke highly of all the students’ talent that will definitely add freshness, energy and creativity to our campus; and Prof. Lu Hanyin encouraged the student to develop themselves in an all-round way to stand out from the crowd as hard work is important but far from being enough in today’s competitive and dynamic workplace.
      Considering that most of them start the new phase in their life with mixed emotions- pride, excitement, and optimism, perhaps tinged with some anxiety and uncertainty as to what to expect, Ms. Meng Jian, Director of the EMA Program, made a comprehensive speech. After a brief introduction to Fudan University and the School of Economics, Ms. Meng provided the students with detailed information about EMA curriculum, thesis guidelines, graduation criteria, Fudan’s Online Management System of Graduate Studies, Fudan’s Online Course Registration System, Fudan’s grading policies and student activities. The speech addressed many practical issues to help students make the most of their experience at Fudan.
       With the help of SE’s Student Affairs Office, EMA program provides every student with a Chinese buddy through the Buddy Program to facilitate their life and study at Fudan. From the feedback of students of the previous cohort, both Chinese and international students have built solid friendship and enriched their life on campus.