1、  Accommodation:
(1)Q:How can I apply for Fudan dormitory?           
A:  If you want to stay at the Foreign Students Dormitory on campus, you will need to book a room online at http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/en/house.htm. The date when the booking starts will be posted on the website of the ISO, usually during the summer vacation/winter vacation. Before booking please read carefully the Introduction to the Foreign Students Dormitory and the Accommodation Regulations on the ISO website.

Further directions:
To book a dorm room a general advanced student will need to input his/her Student Number. When you book a room, you should choose a check-in date. Your room will be kept for you for three days from this check-in date. If you fail to check in on time, your reservation will be cancelled. After you book online, you will receive an email telling you whether the reservation is successful and how to proceed with payment.
Students living in the dorm are not allowed to check out or change for another room within the semester. After your reservation, if you choose not to live in our dorm, there will be a fine of RMB 800. Please think carefully before you book a room.
If you need assistance with your booking, please contact:
Tel: 86-21-65643407 / 86-21-65643413
Fax: 86-21-55076831
E-mail: xs_zhou@fudan.edu.cn
The Reception Desk of the Fudan Foreign Students Dormitory is open 24 hours a day. You can check in any time after you arrive. Tel: 86-21-65643407.
(2) Q:Can I email or call you when I have a problem while booking a dorm room online?
A: As the number of dorm rooms are limited and they may run out very quickly, you are advised to directly call the phone number indicated on the ISO website to solve your problem. We won't be able to do it as the dorm buildings and the booking system are not run by us.
2、 Leaving School:
(1)Q: If I plan to leave the university earlier, how can I get the refund of my rent?
A: If all preparations for graduation are done, we can issue a Certificate of Student Status. You can apply for refund from the Foreign Students Dormitory with that.
(2)Q: There is still money left in my E-campus card but I am leaving Fudan, how can I get the money back?
A: You can go to Room 107, Building 10, Handan Campus to cancel the card and get the remaining amount back.
3、 Application:
Q: How can I apply for the program? What kind of materials do I need?
A: Please refer to the link http://www.econ.fudan.edu.cn/ema/detail.php?pid=442  and we will update the prospectus for the next year at around every November or December.
4、  Q: How to retake a course?
A: If you want to retake a course, your grade of the course should be above D-. Then you should come to Rm.408 (IPO) to fill in a form. The form should be signed by the course instructor, and the office of instruction. Course retaking students don’t need to register the course on the system again. After the final exam is finished, the previous grade will be replaced by the latter one.
5、  Q: How to remake a student ID red book?
A: Students should come to IPO (RM.408) to fill in a form first, then bring this form and a payment notice to the school Financial Department. After the notice is paid, take this form, the payment certificate and a one-inch color photo to Building 8 (RM.119).
6、  Q: How to take inter-disciplinary courses?
A: Students should come to IPO (RM.408) to fill in a form, then bring this form to the guest department and get the seal on it. Then bring the original one to IPO, and leave a copy one at the guest department. EMA students should also finish the registration of the course online or it would be failed.
7、  Q: How to download Teaching Materials online?
A: Refer to the website link http://www.econ.fudan.edu.cn/ema/ . Then click “ Current Students” , then click “downloads”. Use the username (emastudent) and Password (123456) to log in.
8、  Q: How to change the status of enrollment?
A: Finish the application for the status change on the system (only the chinese version is available) and fill in a form, then get it signed by your supervisor and the instructor. If it is for the medical reason, you are also supposed to add a copy of your medical examination on the form and get a signature of the school hospital on it. Then bring this form to Rm.127 of Building 8.
9、  Q:How to update the passport number on the system?
A: Put forward the application on the system, click “ basic information” and input the new number and click “save” before submitting it. Then take a copy of the old and new passport to Rm.127 at Building 8.
10、Q: How to do the reimbursement?
A: First, you have to make sure the hospital is a national one, such as 长海医院. Then, the treatment and medicine should be available to reimburse, better consulting the hospital in advance. Third, only 80% of the amount above 650 RMB can be reimbursed. Besides, please remember to keep all the receipts and medical records and hand them to the South Hall of the International Student Dormitory.
11、 Q:If I can’t come to fetch the graduation and degree certificate, what should I do?
A: You need fill in a form named Authorization and bring this form together with the copy of your friend’s passport to the office.