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Selected Publications Since 2015



Chan, Jimmy, Deliberating Collective Decisions, Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming (with Alessandro Lizzeri, Wing Suen and Leeat Yariv).


Chan, Jimmy, “Collusion Enforcement with Private Information and Private Monitoring”, Journal of Economic Theory, 2015, 157, 188-211 (with Wenzhang Zhang).


Che, Jiahua, “Decentralization and Political Career Concerns”, Journal of Public Economics, 2017, 145, 201-210 (with Kim-Sau Chung and Yang K. Lu).


Chen, Shuo and Xiaohuan Lan, “There Will Be Killing: Collectivization and Death of Draft Animals”, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, forthcoming.


Fan, Haichao, “Domestic Creditor Rights and External Private Debt”, Economic Journal, forthcoming (with Xiang Gao).


Fan, Haichao, “On the Relationship between Quality and Productivity: Evidence from China's Accession to the WTO”, Journal of International Economics. 2017.10. (with Yao Amber Li and Stephen R. Yeaple)


Ju, Gaosheng, “Nonparametric Estimation of Structural Labor Supply and Exact Welfare Change under Nonconvex Piecewise-linear Budget Sets”, Journal of Econometrics, 2015, 188, 526-544 (with Li Gan and Xi Zhu).


Ju, Gaosheng, “Identifying Latent Grouped Patterns in Panel Data Models with Interactive Fixed Effects”, Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming (with Liangjun Su).


Lan, Xiaohuan, “The Economics of Nationalism”, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2015, 7, 294-325 (with Ben Li). 


Li, Huailu, “Does Competition Eliminate Discrimination? Evidence from the Commercial Sex Market in Singapore”, Economic Journal, forthcoming (with Kevin Lang and Kaiwen Leong).


Li, Zhiyuan, “The Connection between Imported Intermediate Inputs and Exports: Evidence from Chinese Firms”,    Journal of International Economics, 2016, 101, 86-101 (with Ling Feng and Deborah Swenson).


Li, Zhiyuan, “Trade Policy Uncertainty and Exports: Evidence from China’s WTO Accession”, Journal of International Economics, forthcoming (with Ling Feng and Deborah Swenson).


Wang, Cheng, “Equilibrium Matching and Termination”, Journal of Monetary Economics, 2015, 76, 208-229 (with Youzhi Yang).


Wang, Cheng, “Outside Opportunities and Termination”, Games and Economic Behavior, 2015, 91, 207-228 (with Youzhi Yang).


Wei, Xiao, “What Are Asset Demand Tests of Expected Utility Really Testing?”, Economic Journal, forthcoming (with Felix Kubler and Larry Selden).